Why I offer them...

When the pandemic hit, it dramatically impacted my small business, just like it did so many small businesses around the world. When brainstorming ideas on how to get back on track, the idea of offering classes came to me. I had experience in training back in my corporate days and a passion for mentoring and empowering people. I thought back to when I first got my Cricut I remember how overwhelmed I was and spending hours and hours on YouTube watching video after video to learn my machine. If I had wished for a one on one class back then, surely someone does now. I have a passion for teaching and mentoring so I thought it the perfect combo. I was right, and I'm so glad to be sharing my knowledge and passion for all things Cricut! 


Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

Text me @ (470) 228-2435

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My Mission

Callie's Creations was established in 2009 with one mission: to bring joy to my customers. My passion for crafting and  excellence inspired me in the beginning and continues to drive me today. I pride myself on offering a superior customer service experience and in the long-term relationships I’ve built with my customers that have become friends. I hope to play a small part in your life's milestones whether it be a birth, family vacation, birthday or graduation. I can make you something truly special for any occasion.